Kanye And Justin Bieber Have Cemented Their Blossoming Bromance in Los Angeles

There comes a time in a new relationship where you can show uninhibited signs of affection, without fear of rejection or embarrassment. Justin Bieber and Kanye West have just reached that point.

The bromancing pair have been courting each other publicly for months, talking each other up, waxing lyrical about their mutual respect to anyone who’d listen. Now Kanye has quite literally danced like no-one’s watching in a celebration of their friendship.

He and wife Kim Kardashian were attending the Los Angeles Staples Center leg of Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour and, bossing Snapchat as usual, she documented the night out.

‘Ye managed to keep it cool at first.

But then lost his shit during ‘What Do You Mean’, which he has declared to be his favourite song of 2015.

There’s no evidence that Kanye wishes he knew how to quit Bieber; he seems absolutely in his element, bobbing and weaving, dancing to the love in his heart. This has been going on for some time. Six months ago, Bieber posted this Instagram video:


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Go on, try and picture a purer instance of absolute joy. It’s simply impossible. And the feeling, rest assured, readers, is completely mutual.

Last year, speaking on French television, Bieber said: “Kanye’s a talker, so you get him in a room and he just starts talking, and he just starts ranting, and I just sit and I listen because he’s been through a lot of stuff. He’s not just talking to just talk. He’s obviously got something to say that he’s feeling from his heart. So when I hear that, I like to just sit and listen. He’s a really, really smart guy.”

In that interview, he spoke about a Bieber/Yeezy collaboration, a track that has yet to be released, which apparently has a “really New York vibe”. He also spoke to NME this year about the same song, suggesting “it will probably come out at some point.”

Bieber was thrilled by ‘Ye dancing at the Staples Center show, spreading the love on Twitter:

And no wonder: the pair have a lot in common. They have both been cast as panto villains in the past – ‘Ye because he was once a dick to Taylor Swift at the VMAs in 2009, Bieber because he once pissed in a mop bucket in a restaurant – but have since rescued their reputations. Bieber told us: “I really respect him… And I think he’s really respectful of me, ’cause he respects me.”

A beautiful sentiment. Worthy of a Shakespearean sonnet, or the Paul Rudd comedy vehicle I Love You, Man. No telling if this bromance will last but, oh boy, it’s been one hell of a ride.