Kanye Changed His Album Name Again And Father John Misty Lost His Shit

That Kanye West, eh? He just can’t settle on one thing: his very public decision last night to enact a third change to the title of his forthcoming album – first there was ‘So Help Me God’, then it was ‘Swish’, and now, as of 1:44 this morning, it’s ‘Waves’ – has got everyone talking about all things Kanye once again.

And so with such important creative decisions being broadcast directly to his 17.6 million followers, plenty of famous faces have weighed in on Yeezy’s latest change of heart. Here’s a round-up of just some of the best responses to the beginning of the ‘Waves’ age.

The Roots’ Questlove expressed some astonishment

The San Diegan band Wavves found it particularly amusing


Kanye collaborator Travis Scott took to his emoji board in celebration of the name change


Wiz Khalifa took umbrage with the new decision

In a series of tweets after this, Wiz claimed that Kanye was appropriating the notion of “waves” from the incarcerated rapper Max B, who, according to Wiz, is “is the wavy one. He created the wave. There is no wave without him.” Kanye has since acknolwedged the history of “waves”.

Father John Misty took the news particularly badly






It’ll be alright, Father John. After all, just remember the proclamation that our Lord and Saviour decreed shortly before the name change:

Just 15 days to go, folks. 15 days.