Someone Made This Kanye Photo Their Lock Screen And It’s Genius

Let Yeezy make every notification that little bit better

We’ve all had those days when your phone won’t stop buzzing with tedious notifications. The ones that remind you your battery is nearly drained and you’ve still got two hours left on the train. Work-related reminders spoiling your lazy weekend. That Tinder match you went on a terrible date with who can’t quite grasp why you don’t want to see them again blowing up your inbox.

You might think looking at those notifications on your phone could never be anything but dull and annoying. Wrong! Some absolute genius has figured out a way to brighten up every time you check your iPhone and it involves everyone’s favourite unpredictable rapper, Kanye West.

Earlier this year, Texan student Michael Butler set his lock screen to a picture of Ye from his Yeezy Season Three launch party, as Vocativ reports. He tweeted: “This is the best screensaver cos whenever i get a notification, Kanye holds it up for me.”

He’s not wrong, guys. The internet is freaking out about it, with fans on Twitter sharing screengrabs of Yeezy himself holding up alarms, angry texts, snaps and reminders that it’s time to hit the hay. Every single one, resting on Kanye’s palms, brings us a weird sense of joy.

Check out some examples below and excuse us while we just go and give our phones a quick makeover.