Nine Weird Moments From Kanye’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Playback and Yeezy 3 Launch

Kanye West, you may have noticed, doesn’t do things by halves. Last night saw him combine his two loves, fashion and music, at a massive, ridiculous event in Madison Square Gardens in New York. Broadcast around the world via cinema screenings and a stream on Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal (which kept crashing due to unprecedented traffic), it treated us to the first playback of his seventh album, The Life of Pablo, as well as the grand unveiling of his third fashion line, Yeezy 3. We’ve done a first impressions track-by-track review of the record, but first check out the nine weirdest moments (shout out to Joey Bada$$ getting into a fight with a pap) from last night’s glitzy, baffling, celeb-studded event.

Before the models were unveiled, the whole thing had a weird dystopian vibe

The dated-looking video of his late mother ascending to Heaven on a unicorn

The Kardashian women were dressed like weird eagles

The models were unveiled like a prize on a game show

It was kind of like watching someone else have a half-decent house party

These were the rules the models had to follow

And even Naomi Campbell followed those rules

There was a dude by the stage who looks like Bill Murray. Can you spot him?

Kanye couldn’t seem to dance in time to his own music