Kanye West, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ – Is The Hype Justified?

Kanye West, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ – Album Review

It’s a shame he released it too late to figure in many music mag’s end-of-year lists, because Kanye West’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ – which came out on Monday – is the most critically acclaimed album of 2010, scoring 97 on Metacritic.

Pitchfork have it a perfect 10 in a sort of reverse trolling operation: generating a storm of web outrage by over-praising something, as opposed to slagging it off.

Rolling Stone gave it 5 stars. Drowned In Sound gave it 9/10 (as did we). And no-one seemed put off by the fact the album has one of the most hilariously piss-poor sleeves OF ALL TIME.

But are the critical hosannas justified? Or have reviewers been blinded by Kanye’s own self-aggrandising hype? Hopefully you’ve had a few days to live with the album by now. If not, you can get a taster via the song previews posted below.

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