Kanye West Was An Answer On An American Game Show, But Everyone Lost

Kanye West is many things. Probably a genius. Definitely controversial, given his penchant for saying and doing bonkers things – from his infamous upstaging of Taylor Swift at the VMAs to his recent video for the song ‘Famous’, which featuring waxworks of various celebrities (including Swift) in the total buff.

Well, now he’s also the answer on a game show. The iconic American TV programme Jeopardy! recently stumped its guests with a question about the American rapper. The concept of the programme is as tricksy as the rapper himself; contestants are presented with answers and must respond with the question. Host Alex Trebek said: “I would like to thank… Kanye West for giving us so many different versions to choose from of this early 2016 album.”

What could it mean!? The answer, of course, is ‘The Life Of Pablo’, though nobody seemed to have heard of one of the most talked-about albums of the year. Kanye producer Mike Dean captured the sorry moment and shared it on Instagram. Maybe Yeezy’s not as faaaaaaamous as he thought, after all.

There was $3,400 at stake here. Kanye had some money troubles recently – he tweeted that he was $51m in personal debt – though his wife Kim Kardashian later claimed to have saved the day with multi-millions of her own. If ‘Ye’s ever in trouble again, he could always go on Jeopardy!