Kanye West’s NFL Cleats Cost Players $6k Each Time They Wear Them

Kanye West is deep into the athleisure trend. So much so he’s extended his fashion empire into the production of custom-made Yeezy football cleats (Read: boots) which he sent out to a few professional American Football players last weekend. But if they want to wear them – well they could cost the player about $6,000 a wear.

That astronomical number isn’t the retail tag on the boots, but the fine players are getting for wearing the shoes in the matches. During the NFL’s opening weekend Houston Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins laced up the stylish cleats, as seen below, but by wearing the shoes he’s flaunted a long-standing rule from the league’s ruling body. The NFL’s rule states that players may wear coloured boots but they cannot constitute of several colours like the Yeezy’s do – which has no single base colour and is instead a mix of grey and white.


The result was a $6,000 fine for the player from the NFL. After, Hopkins said he’ll keep wearing the shoes “if Kanye wants to pay the fine”. Other players, including Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings and Von Miller of the Denver Broncos, were also sent the custom-made boots, but were smart enough to only tweet pictures of the boots, rather than risk the punishment.

Though Kanye has made it well known that he’s currently squeezed for a bit of cash, reports have suggested that Adidas, who Kanye has a design deal with, may start covering the fine for each week that one of the players wear them. Hypothetically, if Hopkins was to wear them in all 16 games this season and indeed be fined $6,000 per wear, it could rack up Adidas a $96,000 bill.


The shoes are also set to be released the public with a retail sale mooted for later this year, so get ready to start playing ‘Blame Game’ just in case you’re handed a fine too.