‘It Feels Like We’re Being Kidnapped’: What The Hell Went On During Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 Fashion Show?

Yesterday Kanye West launched his new fashion line ‘Yeezy Season 4’ in New York. As you’ll remember, his previous collection Season 3 was also showcased in Madison Square Garden, New York alongside his brilliant sixth album ‘The Life of Pablo’ – but no one thought a Kanye fashion show could be as controversial as the last one surely? Wrong! In fact, as he unveiled his latest collection outside on a sweltering day in New York, things might have been more chaotic than last time.

Firstly, in classic ad-hoc Yeezy style, the showcase was announced on the day for 3PM. This followed a casting call for ‘multiracial women only’ a few days earlier on Sunday.




With the performance – curated alongside frequent collaborator Vanessa Beecroft – taking place on New York’s Roosevelt Island, those attending the shows were asked to arrive at the shuttle bus location at 1:30pm to take them to the location. But unsurprisingly, it didn’t go to plan. According to Gerald Flores, editor of Sole Collector, a fellow passenger likened the experience to a ‘kidnapping’ as another lamented the journey on a hot bus with ‘no snacks, water or music’.

The guests did finally arrive to the island on time, but the show was delayed for an unspecified reason. Though it was scheduled for 3PM, journalists and industry favourites were not able take their seat until 4PM, with the models already in position despite the 28° weather. As the wait continued, several of the models were reduced to sitting on the floor due to the heat. At one point, The Cut‘s Stella Bugabee likened it to “cruelty” as one was reported to have fainted due to a lack of water.



When the show finally kicked off, problems were still cropping up. In particular, several of the models had issues with Yeezy’s custom shoes, with some forced to abandon their broken shoes to ensure the show continued. It wasn’t just the models who seemed unhappy with the clothes on display, Alyssa Vingan Klein lamented the below par performance and wear on show, for The Fashionista; “The clothing, as you might expect, was yet another offering of West’s signature, oversized streetwear in a muted color palette, or alternatively, Things We’ve Already Seen Kim Wear A Million Times.”

By 5PM, much of the crowd, which featured his wife Kim and her sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, alongside Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and rappers Desiigner and Pharrell Williams, were reported to be become restless, before the man himself came striding along to bask in his muted glory. “Yeezy Season 4 was memorable, but not in a good way” Klein added in her piece.


No one tell them they could have just watched the live stream on Tidal though, yeah?