Kanye West’s Greatest Tweets

When Twitter was created in March 2006 by ambitious developers Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass, they might have hoped, perhaps in their wildest dreams, that their new venture would capture the attention of some of the world’s major movers and shakers.

Kanye West signed up to Twitter in July 2010, which is surely a date that’s been commemorated in Twitter HQ with a massive plaque that its employees respectfully bow to on their way to the photocopier. Yeezy’s every tweet has become a major event in itself, generating massive interest on the social platform whenever he comes up with a 140-character thought; something that’s enjoyed a particularly spike in the run-up to his seventh album (which may or may not be titled ‘Waves’).

And so, in tribute to the ceaseless entertainment that Kanye delivers for his 20.4 million followers, here’s a guide to some of his best Twitter moments.


For the sake of clarity, we’ll begin with Kanye’s first Twitter era: a simpler time, when he was far more inclined than he is today to make outlandish, stream-of-consciousness-style observations about everything, from complimentary airplane water to using kazoos in his music.

The time he raved about a little-known show on Broadway


A complimentary on-flight beverage? Be gone!

tinypic photo

The time he was ultra-humble



The time he was ultra-humble in a bike store


And let’s not forget the time he endorsed kazoo players the world over


He ruled out a career in comedy at this point, too


Ye also pointed out the infinite logic of having a conference table


And, of course, that time he was fly for so long that he, well, see for yourself


But, on 4th October 2012, the fun and frivolity came to a screeching halt: Kanye deleted all of his tweets, promising that he would “be back soon”. Naturally, we here at NME wept for the end of this glorious age, and proceeded to look back on some of his finest tweeting moments.

And so, for 7 months, we waited. And waited. And then, probably forgot all about him and lost ourselves in some other social phenonmenon like ‘Gangnam Style’ or the Harlem Shake. But then, on 18th May, with his phone’s caps lock function firmly left on, Kanye announced his return to this most glorious of social platforms – with a promise to project songs and visuals from his last album ‘Yeezus’ on 66 buildings across the globe, no less.


And so, we were back in the flow of things.

There was the moment that Kanye professed his enjoyment for Pacific Rim


The time that he declared the second verse of ‘New Slaves’ as the best rap verse of all time


That rather strange rant he did about US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel then made the headlines – it was swiftly deleted


The time he got a little thirsty over a Kim selfie


He would later get more romantic, posting this lovely KimYe wedding shot


When he helped Kim on her quest to break the internet


Tweeting his apologies to Beck after his Grammy outburst last year


Oh, and Bruno Mars too


And then came the big announcement: it’s album time


He was then full of praise for Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’


The first of many changes – here’s the announcement for ‘SWISH’


Kanye here, preaching the idea of living for the moment


As he’s now a parent, he’s entitled to deliver a Mumsnet-esque rant every now and again


But don’t you ask him to do a damn thing, people


On the whole, though, Ye’s a good guy


Just so long as you’ve got your phone on loud ring during the night, that is


His tribute to Bowie was a real touch of class


ALBUM OF THE LIFE – that ol’ humility strikes again


Let us never forget the outrageous dressing-down of Wiz Khalifa (which, unfortunately, has now been deleted)

And then the subsequent denial of Amber Rose’s outlandish claims


When he shared the contents of his recent call log


Have you ever seen the movie Tron?


Here’s his message to the co-founder of Facebook


Don’t be liked – be great


Just call him Walt West


Ye’s love for Swedish meatballs is strong


But then it was time to get honest


Because, after all, he is an artist


Phew. And so, without an end in sight to Kanye’s treat-Twitter-like-a-brainstorm-session policy, it really does seem like Twitter’s brain trust may have launched their service with the full intention of giving Yeezus a platform to express his dark, twisted and brilliant mind. He certainly thinks that, anyway.



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