Kanye West’s VMA Stage Invasion – Just Another MTV Publicity Stunt?

The ego has landed – Kanye West’s funniest outbursts

Here we go again: a supposedly “spontaneous” and “controversial” happening at an MTV event that garners acres of excitable coverage the morning after.

This time it’s Kanye West’s VMA stage invasion, during which he interrupted Taylor Swift’s Best Female Video acceptance speech to protest that it should’ve been Beyonce wot won it.

This always happens. Whether it’s Eminem getting a face-full of Bruno’s arse earlier this year or Britney kissing Madonna, in each case it’s painfully obvious that said “controversy” is entirely stage-managed and rehearsed in a bid to generate the maximum online coverage for MTV – yet every time the blogosphere colludes in the absurd fantasy that this is a wild, freewheeling rock’n’roll event in which anything could happen.

And here we are, adding to the acres of coverage. Sigh.

Plus, of course, it’s no surprise that this time the culprit is Kanye West, who has a history of losing his rag at the VMAs: he did it at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards in Denmark, when ‘Touch The Sky’ lost out to Justice Vs Simian’s ‘We Are Your Friends’.

And then at the VMAs in Las Vegas he indulged in a backstage rant after losing in all five categories he’s been nominated in. “I lost to the fucking Black Eyed Peas last year, man. I’m never fucking coming back to MTV.”

Except he did. Obviously. Because he knows he makes headlines every time he does.

Photo Gallery – Images from the MTV VMA Awards 2009

The ego has landed – Kanye West’s funniest outbursts