Kanye’s 40 Minute Oxford Guild Society Speech Is Finally Online – Watch Now

It could be an outtake from the upcoming Zoolander 2, but the video below is actually from Kanye West’s Oxford Guild Society speech at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

The event took place back in March, though the footage has only just surfaced. After ‘Ye implores them to maintain absolute silence so as not to interrupt his flow, students are treated to revelations such as: “If you lose your expensive luggage at the airport, you can get that back… You can’t get time back”.

It’s classic Kanye – eccentric, unpredictable and, if you can get past the ridiculousness of it all, actually quite inspiring. Apparently the rapper’s pre-show demands included bottles of mineral water with the labels removed and a full-length mirror. At the time, Guild chairman Abbas Kazmi told the university’s newspaper The Tab: “He asked for a full-sized mirror… We couldn’t buy one at short notice. Argos said we had to order it in. So one girl on committee just had to carry hers out of her room.”

That level of ludicrousness and lack of self-awareness, that’s what we want from our pop stars, right? So, stop what you’re doing and prepare to mine some truth bombs in the (40-minute long!) clip.