Does Kanye Like Mustard? How His ‘Trolling Stone’ Cover References A Joke From 12 Years Ago

On February 11, Kanye West will premiere his seventh album, currently named ‘Waves’ (its third title so far) at a fashion show in New York for Season 3 of his Adidas clothing line, Yeezy. That’s just a week away, so it was almost believable when, last night (February 3), he tweeted a Rolling Stone cover of himself, shot by Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator, with the cheeky strapline “Kanye: Does he like mustard?”

It seemed impossibly random. In a flurry of tweeting action, Rolling Stone distanced themselves from the cover, and Billboard decried it as “fake”. Kanye called out Billboard for disrespecting his artistry. Then he did a poll, with the brilliant hashtag #trollingstone, asking if it should be the cover anyway.

But the only person who really knew what was up – who saw the most pressing issue, and pursued it – was Tyler: Does Kanye, in fact, like mustard? Because among other mustard-related hints, one 12-year-old piece of evidence would suggest that there’s more to the joke. Let’s go all the way back to 2004, shall we?

The mustard in the ‘All Falls Down’ video

As you can see in the above video from 2004, Kanye gets a fair bit of the old yellow spilt all over his pink polo shirt while rushing through an airport. Then he has to say goodbye to his girl at the gate. It’s not a good day. Mustard doesn’t look so good. But in 2014, a replica of the shirt goes on sale for $400.

Colonel Mustard’s mention in Talib Kweli’s ‘In The Mood

Kanye featured on this 2007 track, in which Talib Kweli drops in Cluedo’s sauciest fellow. “Cats all sappy like romantic flicks, dude, get a clue/Like Colonel Mustard in the study with a candlestick”.

Yeah, probably wasn’t about this, was it.

The mustard in ‘Facts’

Fast forward to 2016 and Kanye’s ‘Facts’ bungs in a reference to popular mustard brand, Grey Poupon.

DJ Mustard

Actually, that reference in ‘Facts’ also mentions DJ Mustard. The 25-year-old producer, AKA Dijon Isaiah McFarlane, is so mustardy it hurts. Kanye is a fan – they produced Rick Ross’ ‘Sanctified’ together, according to the below video, where Kanye asked for more than 100 of Mustard’s beats, one of which Kanye slowed right down.

Here’s the final song.

They later worked together again on Big Sean’s ‘IDFWU’

Tyler, The Creator’s weird sense of humour

If you look back at the Rolling Stone cover, it’s strikingly similar to these photo portraits Tyler made of his famous friends just days ago. Maybe he just captioned Kanye’s one and Kanye loved the randomness. It’s a possibility.

Still doesn’t tell us if Kanye likes mustard or not, though.