Kasabian Continue The Leicester City Celebrations On FIFA Song ‘Comeback Kid’ – Track Review

It’s pretty apt that Kasabian would premiere their new track ‘Comeback Kid’ on the latest edition of FIFA. Their early single ‘L.S.F.’ featured on FIFA 04 and gave the lads an invaluable worldwide platform. They’ve since appeared on four soundtracks, making them something close to the house band of the FIFA franchise.

We had a taster of new music back at Kasabian’s mammoth King Power gigs in May, and, like the choir-led ‘Put Your Life On It’, ‘Comeback Kid’ is another ode to Leicester City’s successes.

With a shuffling beat, Beatles harmonies and one of those gigantic choruses Kasabian can knock out with ease, it’s chaotic, ambitious and reminiscent of the band’s arse-kicking debut album. The trademark ‘us vs. them’ attitude is in full force (‘Here we stand, side by side, don’t let go of my hand’) as is the knack for conjuring up absurd images (‘Pig cheese in a bed set’, anyone?). In laboured football terms, this is them thumping one in from six yards out – easy pickings but done very, very well.

Since publication, the full video for ‘Comeback Kid’ has been taken down. We’ve replaced it with a one-minute preview