Kasabian, Johnny Marr, St Vincent And More: Five Surprisingly Decent Rockstar Footballers

Musicians don’t tend to be the sportiest of people – decades of body-ravaging rock ‘n’ roll excess doesn’t exactly leave artists in the best shape for belting around pitches chasing passes. There are exceptions to that rule though. Here’s five musicians Jose Mourinho and the likes might want to take a punt on this transfer window.

The Horrors’ Faris Badwan

No hype necessary – wait till the end of this video from Soccer AM and marvel as the scruffy Horrors front-person score the goal a procession of pretenders couldn’t.


St Vincent

As if Annie Clarke wasn’t badass enough already, here she is showing Rookie magazine how to perform a rainbow kick in style.

Johnny Marr

The Smiths guitarist had trials at Man City before concentrating on a career in music. He remains a massive Sky Blues fan, alongside the Gallagher brothers. “I didn’t take football seriously enough to push it to the next level. I’d go for a trial and take to the pitch wearing eyeliner… I was winging it, basically – having a laugh. My football career was always destined to be short-lived,” he told the Daily Mail.


Pete Doherty

As well as writing a track for his team QPR, Doherty made this appearance at a Soccer Six tournament, even bundling a goal in from close range. Unfortunately he went on to steal chips from a fan who’d been knocked out by the football, which dampened the glory somewhat.

Serge Pizzorno

Kasabian’s Serge knocked it out the park in this star-studded Soccer Aid special, scoring a chip so cheeky it should’ve been sent to the headmaster’s office.