Kasabian V Sesame Street? The Best And Worst Classic Theme Tune Covers

Kasabian are noted fans of furry muppets – well, Noel Fielding, mainly – so their recent cover of the theme tune from Sesame Street didn’t come as too much of a surprise. They offered their own cray-zee twist on the track, mashing up the music to the much loved kiddie show with The Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations. Tom and Serge aren’t the first musos to offer up their own take on a classic theme tune – here’s some other attempts, which, we should warn you, vary in quality.

Arthur – Chance The Rapper
Joining forces with the likes of Jessie Ware and Wyclef Jean, Chance The Rapper offered up a gleeful take on ‘Believe In Yourself’, the title music to a show about a cartoon aardvark, which was originally performed by Ziggy Marley. 10 of 10 for effort, but it’s a bit aimless overall.

Spiderman – The Ramones
Punk’s very own superheroes The Ramones took on the Spiderman theme with unsurprisingly awesome results. Full of yelped ‘let’s go!’s and clattering, full throttle guitars, it’s utterly shameless and totally brilliant.

Seinfeld – Ezra from Vampire Weekend
One of the stranger covers in a particularly strange world of cover versions, Ezra Koenig’s hummed version of the Seinfeld theme was performed for a peculiar online game called Junior Mint, which you can play by clicking here. You can play as either Jerry or Kramer in the game, attempting to throw mints into a patient’s open surgery wound.

Game Of Thrones – Chvrches
Chvrches’ electro-tastic version of the theme to the hugely popular boinking’n’killing fantasy saga was a studio prank, which doesn’t get beyond the one minute mark before the trio descend into giggles.

M*A*S*H – Manic Street Preachers
Manics’ take on Suicide Is Painless made the UK Top 10 on its release, and with good reason. Epic guitars and many leather jackets make this the most rock ‘n’ roll theme tune cover here.

The Simpsons – Green Day
It would have to be Green Day covering The Simpsons theme, wouldn’t it. Recorded for The Simpsons Movie, the highlight is Billie Joe Armstrong growling along at the end.

Back To The Future – Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire have played roughly 342 cover versions on their ‘Reflektor’ tour, including their version of Huey Lewis And The News’ ‘Back In Time’, which was written for Back To The Future. The trouble with playing a new cover every single night is quality control gets a bit iffy, as you’ll see.

EastEnders – Kindness
‘Anyone Can Fall In Love’ was first sung by Anita Dobson, who played hard as nails barmaid Angie in the show in the 1980s. Kindness’s version ramped up the smooth grooves but despite his best efforts to make the song sexy, it was impossible to make any track erotic if it makes you think of Phil Mitchell.