Kasabian Week – Serge Pizzorno – My Music

As part of Kasabian week on NME.COM, here’s a mixtape from Serge.

Listen to a selection of the tracks as a We7 playlist:

A record by a hero…
DJ Shadow – Endtroducing
Everything changed for me when I heard that album – it opened my mind to so much more music. It opened the door to David Axelrod and hip-hop and Babe Ruth.

Favourite lyric…
Rage Against the Machine – Killing In The Name
Where they sing ‘Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me’… I think that’s a really nice line. It’s pretty obvious for a rock’n’roll band to sing those words but I just think it’s great for anyone to sing in someone’s face, y’know.

At karaoke I’d sing…
Dexys Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen
We played one night with Arctic Monkeys in Japan. They were in a karaoke bar and Alex was like, ‘Come down and have a go’. They were all doing R Kelly songs which was quite surreal.

To make me dance…
Faces – Stay With Me
I’m quite reserved, I’m not really a dancer, if I go out I won’t ever really dance or parade or ponce around, but if that comes on, then you kind of feel protected by it because it’s a bit of a lads’ tune.


Right now I’m loving…
Malakai – Blackbird
I heard this on the radio about a year ago and I thought it was fucking amazing. Their album [‘Ugly Side of Love’] came out this year. It sounds like a sort of hip-hop tune but it’s proper psychedelic rock.


Before I die I’d play…
Babe Ruth – The Mexican
I’d like to be buried to beauty not chaos. Jenny Haan’s voice is just so beautiful, I suppose it’s kind of Mexican in its sound and it’s got this hypnotic quality. It leaves you wanting it to kick in, but it never quite does.

My first record…
George Harrison – Got My Mind Set On You
I got it from Woolworths- my sister gave me a record player and I went to town that weekend and got that tune on 45. If I went home to mum and dads’ I’m sure I’d be able to dig that out. I’m sure it’s somewhere in the loft, behind Connect 4 and all that.

First ever gig…
Oasis, Earls Court, September 27, 1997
I went with my best pal, we got there and just stood right in the middle of an Oasis crowd and… it was quite a frightening experience. Me and my friend were separated for the whole of the show. I thought, this is it, this is the circus I’ve been waiting for all my life, this is exactly what I want to do.