Kasabian’s ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’ – What Do You Think?

So Kasabian’s most out there album’s been out there (officially) for three days now. Time to evaluate, take stock, and most importantly, chuck your own two cents in.


It’s had a suitably mixed reaction, judging by Google’s favourites.

“Brilliant, uplifting, showy and epic,” screamed the BBC, “Like a dull chap trying to persuade us he’s a real wild child,” moaned The Independent (slightly out of context). “Barmy and beautiful,” decreed The Guardian. “As unconvincing as the band’s hollow assurances that they’re open to embracing new horizons,” summarised drownedinsound.
“Too many messages and metaphors for serious contemplation,” decided Scotland on Sunday. “It all still comes out sounding exactly how you want a rock’n’roll band to sound in 2009,” decided The Times.

Oasisteria, the website that’s “hysterical about Oasis” warned (in a review benchmarking them against Oasis which says it all) “just enjoy it for what it is, but don’t delude yourself it’s the second coming; it’s merely a very naughty boy”.

Our own Oasis geek Hamish MacBain gave the album 8/10. Have a listen three times loud through headphones (you can’t judge anything until you’ve done that) and hit us up with your own thoughts. Personally, I think it’s their most accomplished, their least pastiche-like (with a few notable exceptions) and way less psychedelic than people are making out. But what do YOU think?