Kate Nash, ‘My Best Friend Is You’ – Track By Track

Drinking piss, riot grrrl and getting shafted by your mate – Kate Nash spills the beans on her new LP

Album release date: out now
Produced by: Bernard Butler
Album Recorded: London’s RAK studio
Muse: Fluffy (pictured), who Kate brought to the studio every day
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“It’s about doing things you know you shouldn’t but you do anyway. I love Paris and I wrote it there – I had a nice experience with this old French man who worked in the hotel I was staying in. We couldn’t understand a word each other was saying, but we talked a lot.”

Kiss That Girl
“It’s about being a bit sulky and moody and having been a bit of a dick and being jealous of everybody else. It’s quite ’60s girl group-y – that’s what I like about those songs, they sound positive and joyous and ‘wall of sound’ but the lyrics are quite sad.”

Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?
“I wrote it in Australia. At the beginning there’s this broken relationship that needs fixing but seems unfixable and it’s quite frightening.”

I Just Love You More
“I was listening to Skinned Teen and Heavens To Betsy and I just really liked the rawness of that. I wanted to do something a bit punkier and make it more about the build of the track rather than the lyrics – I didn’t want to be restricted by having to tell a story.”

“It’s about being ditched for the mean bully girl at school. It happened to me – in the song it’s dressed up as more romantic, but in real life it was my best mate. We were like brother and sister but he ditched me and I felt so betrayed.”

Higher Plane
“It’s about feeling low and wanting to jump off the edge, but instead you improve your life for the better.”


I’ve Got a Secret
“It’s one of my favourite songs on the record because it’s quite weird – I wrote it on the drums, so it wasn’t restricted by melody. It’s about how ridiculous homophobia is, and the problems people have with coming out.”

Mansion Song
“It’s an aggressive, in-the-face poem inspired by Billy Childish and Lydia Lunch and John Cooper Clarke… I kind of sicked it up – it all came out at once.”

Early Christmas Present
“It’s about being cheated on and being the last person to know about it. It’s called ‘Early Christmas Present’ because he slept around and ended up giving the girl something like an STD.”

Later On
“There are a lot of synths in that and I really like Elliott [Andrews, drummer]’s drumming – it’s quite sporadic and really builds up. It’s about fucking up and when you’ve made the mistakes, instead of apologising you just go, ‘That’s just me and that’s what I’m like, deal with it’.”

“I wrote that one ages ago. It’s a weird little story about trying to escape from something before it gets too fucked. We used a space echo and there’s really ambient reverb vocal stuff in it.”

You Were So Far Away
“It’s about suicide and prostitution.
I read a short story called Piss by this Japanese female writer [Yuzuki Muroi], it’s about a prostitute. The only person she trusted was a client who didn’t want to have sex with her – all he wanted to do was for her to piss in a cup and he would drink it.”

I Hate Seagulls
“It’s a nice, sweet love song and I just thought it’d be nice to end on something lovely! It’s a love song so it’s really pure and I didn’t want to make it over-complicated. It’s actually recorded on an electric guitar, but it’s really stripped.”