Kate Nash Reviews The Singles

This article originally appeared in the 12 June issue of NME

Everything Everything – ‘Schoolin”
When this track opens, it makes you feel like you’re in the jungle. The song sounds like it was recorded in someone’s bedroom and the chorus is unusual as well. It could be a big summer tune, like Paul Simon’s ‘You Can Call Me Al’ or something. There’s not enough of the whistling bird, though – we like the whistling bird. And the big mixed-up mish-mash bish-bash-bosh guitar section. It almost feels like a few different songs on first listen. After someone’s had a few beers and a spliff it’s probably good fun. Is this what the miaow miaow generation is creating?

Turbofruits – ‘Get Up Get Down (Tonite)’
This sounds like it’s from the same school as The Strange Boys – it has a fun, indie Velvet Underground-y vibe. This song has nice skiffly drums and “ooohs”. You really wanna dance to it and it makes you feel like a teenager. Turbofruits are probably cool dudes. It sounds like old rock’n’roll – nice guitar solo! Hopefully they have quiffs and those shoes with the big heels.


Mitchell Museum – Warning Bells
This has a lovely video to go with it, with lots of really nice images that link up with the lyrics. I really wish I was in all of those films. The song itself is probably good for playing at festivals when the sun is going down.

Funeral Party – ‘NYC Moves To The Sound Of L.A.’
I don’t think this sounds like either New York or Los Angeles. The vocal reminds me of an old Bolt Action Five song that I liked a lot better. The video reminds me of Vice magazine, but the cowbell’s pretty good. Altogether though it sounds exactly like another song that I can’t quite seem to remember…

Example – ‘Kickstarts’
A typically terrible intro. I think that when the crowds in Ibiza hear it they will hold up their ‘fuckin’ tune’ signs. It seems like a more serious direction for Example – I would imagine the ravers and pillheads will love it. My tour manager prefers his old stuff. This is for MGMT fans who also like Cascada.

Kele – ‘Tenderoni’
Following on from the new direction that Bloc Party have taken, Kele has ditched the Okereke and is continuing with a more dance/dark electro theme for his new project. Mixing samples, beats and interesting vocal sounds with a Daft Punk-esque video, I’m sure it’ll be a cracker in the clubs.
Good luck to him!


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