Listen – Keith Richards Has Collated A Playlist To Soundtrack His ‘Lost Weekend’

Starting at 7pm tonight (September 23), The Rolling Stones‘ Keith Richards takes over BBC Four for the whole weekend. Dubbed his Lost Weekend, the channel will be showing programmes handpicked by the rock’n’roll legend until the end of service on Sunday.

To celebrate he’s made a whopping 52 track playlist to soundtrack the marathon. Along with a ton of Stones tunes, you’ll find the likes of Patti Smith, Etta James and Chuck Berry amongst the three-and-a-half hours worth of classics.

Speaking about his nocturnal habits, which his playlist would give a great soundtrack to, Richards said: “Night happens after about 12 hours, you know, there’s night… my favourite time of day. I have nothing at all against daylight, I love sunshine as much as anybody, you know, it’s the nature of my job. You don’t play music to people in the morning or the afternoon. When people get off of work and they’ve done their day, you know, at the grind, they’re looking to be entertained, they want to listen to music, they want to see movies or whatever, it’s the way that the human race goes round.


“I mean, while they’re working we’re sleeping, you know, and when they want to have some fun at night, you know, we’re working. It’s the night shift basically. Inevitably you become nocturnal by nature.”

Hear the sounds of the guitarist’s very own night shift below.

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