Kid British And Boris Johnson – Down In The Tubestation

You may have read about how Manc upstarts Kid British accosted Boris Johnson on the tube yesterday (January 21).

The band were promoting the aptly-titled ‘Leave London EP’ throughout the day, playing in various London landmarks and underground stations, when they bumped into Boris on the tube at Westminster.

We caught up with the band at London Bridge, where we asked them to explain exactly what happened. We’ll let singer Simeon Mclean tell you more:

Later that day the band got chucked out of the London Bridge concourse while playing ‘Elizabeth’. They then caught the tube to Bank, where they played ‘Leave London’ for the benefit of startled commuters:

After this, the band headed off to play at the Old Queen’s Head in Islington. Can’t say they’re not hard workers.

Kid British outside the tube station