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Oh dear. All is not well in the Valley Of The Followills, is it?

Following that shambolic show in Dallas which seemed to me to be Caleb Followill silently screaming “SOMEONE, ANYONE, PLEASE HELP ME!”, the band cancelled the rest of their US tour after Jared admitted they had some “big problems.”

And he wasn’t just talking about some sleepless nights worrying that the cast of Glee had planned an elaborate torture session for the band which involve some blunt weapons and a five-part harmony version of ‘Sex On Fire’.


Clearly, beneath KOL’s spirited machismo lay some serious issues. Nevertheless, it seems like a good time to look back to happier times in their career. Here we present our pick of their 10 best tracks.

10) ‘King Of The Rodeo’

Circular and spiky with Caleb emoting like his life depended on it, this was an early classic from the band.

9) ‘On Call’

The off-kilter rhythm, the intoxicated sounding guitar and Caleb’s promise to “be there,” (even though you don’t quite believe him) all adds up one of their best anthems.

8) ‘Ragoo’

If you haven’t worked it out already, our favourite KOL songs are the ones which sounds like the band are playing as if they’re walking very precariously down some very steep stairs. ‘Ragoo’ is no different.

7) ‘Slow Night, So Long’

Perhaps because it’s all sounds delightfully unpolished, like it was recorded in a cupboard in 1962, that we have a special place in our heart for this track.

6) ‘The Bucket’

They had us at “Eeeetuuun/Alec Baldwwwwwwin’s muuuuuum“. Yes, the first moment we knew there was something special about the band.

5) ‘Soft’

‘Stutter’, ‘Rusted Guns Of Milan’, just two of our fav songs about erectile dysfunction. And here’s another!

4) ‘Woo Hoo’

A b-side but deserved top album billing, this was a slice of old school blues mixed that morphed into a chorus of KOL-style funk that the band do so well.

3) ‘True Love Way’

OK it’s not a “ballad” ballad, but it feels pretty heart-wrenching. It touches the places that other KOL tracks are scared to go.

2) ‘McFearless’

…and on the other side of the spectrum. Here they sound strung out and fearless.

1) ‘Use Somebody’

As this is a ‘Sex On Fire’-free zone (we haven’t been the same since someone told us it was about having crabs), here’s the band’s finest, most uniting moment.

OK, ok, we’ve clearly left quite a lot out, but what do you think should be in their Top 10?

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