Kings Of Leon’s Naked Ambition And 5 More Exceptional Crowd Surfers

More than a few eyebrows were raised here on the NME Newsdesk when the story reached us today that not only had a man stripped completely naked and then crowdsurfed at a Kings Of Leon gig in Birmingham, but that the band had then invited the clothes-repellant fan backstage the next night to party with them. Surely this is setting a terrible precedent by encouraging people to strip off. The next time you go to see the Followill brothers you’re going to see more cocks than a cabinet meeting.

Still, “naked guy” Jimmy Dorris can at least claim that he was simply trying to advance the noble art of the crowd surfer. You can see footage of Jimmy displaying his shortcomings for the Birmingham LG Arena to see here, but here’s five more surfers, including bands and fans, who’ve walked all over audiences in their own unique ways:

Surfin’ For Brian Wilson

When Brian Wilson played Glastonbury 2005, some fans got into the full Beach Boys surf mindset by bringing their surfboards and riding the human wave. Aside from anything else, you have to give this guy top marks for stability.

Flaming Lips have a ball

Wayne Coyne has made riding a huge, inflated hamster ball over the crowd a fixture of Flaming Lips shows over the last few years, bringing it out not just at festivals but even at the Royal Albert Hall. Maximum respect.

…and so do Major Lazer

Major Lazer have also got themselves a hamster ball to roll around in. Not like Diplo to appropriate someone else’s idea and use it in his own show is it, eh readers?

Skrillex and Steve Aoki go rave rafting

Superstar DJ Steve Aoki has become almost as well-known for his rubber dinghy ‘rave rafting’ as for his ludicrous rider requests, and here he and Skrillex ride the human bassline together.

St Vincent’s shredding can’t be stopped

Annie Clark isn’t going to let a little thing like being held aloft at Shepherd’s Bush Empire stop her from playing a wailing guitar solo. As NME’s Lucy Jones, who was there, puts it: “She looked like a beetle stuck on her back. It was pretty impressive, and a totally joyous moment.”