Kisses & Adventure – Free MP3 Downloads

Handclaps, bongos, woodblocks and happy vibes are the order of the day today as Kisses make a welcome return to the site. Their new single ‘Midnight Lover’ gets released on Valentine’s Day, and this Ultracity mix is nine minutes of Aeroplaney throw-your-hands-up-and-float-away joy full of strings that wash back and forth over you like a warm tide on a dusky beach.


Download the Ultracity remix of Kisses’ ‘Midnight Lover’

Here’s a few of their older vids if you’ve not met before.

Adventure, meanwhile, is offering an equally heavenly track called ‘Feels Like Heaven’, which is celestial as anything referencing the place should be and usually is (‘Heaven Is A Half Pipe’ aside). Adventure is Benny Boelt from North Carolina. He releases his second album ‘Lesser Known’ on Carpark in March. More on MySpace.

Download Adventure’s ‘Feels Like Heaven’