Klaxons’ Jamie Reynolds – Pieces Of Me

Everyone’s favourite shaman-visiter on rebel music, how synchronic events occur and running down the front of Vanilla Ice gigs

My first album
‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson
“I saved up my pocket money, rollerskated to the local garage and bought a copy. I must have been about 10. I was just completely obsessed with it. I just remember coming back to my room and dancing to it for days. It was just the complete image of rebellion, wearing wild leather gear and hanging out with a gang looking super cool.”

My first gig
Vanilla Ice, Bournemouth International Centre
“It was absolutely mind-blowing. I went with my best friend at the time, David Robinson. His dad took us and we were far too young to be down at the front, but we ran away from the seating and went down to the barrier to watch the guy. Again I think it was this rebellious thing. It seemed like the most incredible thing I’d ever seen at the time.”


My favourite lyric
‘Boredom’ by Buzzcocks
“It goes, ‘Yeah, well I say what I mean/I say what comes to my mind/I never get round to things/I live a straight line/You know me I’m acting dumb/You know the scene very hum drum/Boredom boredom’. I just think that is an absolutely massive creative call to arms. It just says, ‘Now you’re free to get up and do exactly what you want let’s turn this situation around.’”

The book that changed me
‘The Roots Of Coincidence’ by Arthur Koestler
“It’s about synchronicity and how synchronic events occur. Since reading that book I just completely fell into that world and noticed that between six and eight synchronised events were happening in my life every day.”

My style icon
John Galliano
“Not an icon as such but I’d just love him to design clothes for us to wear onstage. The stuff you can buy is rubbish but the stuff
he makes for the catwalk is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been looking at his spring summer collection and it’s like a baggy Charlie Chaplin, that guy is just always completely on it. As a clothing designer he’s the one that’s closest to us psychologically.”

Right now I love
“They’re from east London and I produced their EP. It’s complete rebel music and Daniel Devine is just singing about his life and it’s really honest and violent and nasty and a complete representation of that guy and his emotions. It’s really really exciting.”

My favourite film
“This one, from 1950, just blew my mind when I saw it. Director Jean Cocteau’s use of cinema is absolutely mind-blowing and his use of imagery in the dialogue, the plot and characters and the way it moves is just complete poetry in film. He’s an absolute genius that hasn’t really been spoken of in our time. I named the cat from our album cover after the film.”

My favourite fictional character
Basil Fawlty
“His wit and his disregard for everything is just spot on. He just stands out as this strong and absolutely hilarious man, deluded to the edge of complete madness. I grew up on Fawlty Towers, my parents threw it down my neck as a kid, whenever certain things happened to me things come out of my mouth that come straight out of the show.”

This article originally appeared in the September 25 issue of NME

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