Klaxons On The Records That Informed ‘Surfing The Void’

With their highly-anticipated and massively-delayed second album due for release next month – and the band on the cover of NME this week – Klaxons talk us through some of the weird and wonderful influences on the album, those bands and tracks they were listening to over ‘Surfing The Void’’s long gestation period. The magazine feature this week names some of the books they were reading, and the list is as long as it is unusual (check out the issue for the full lowdown on the likes of Charles Fort’s ‘The Book Of The Damned’, Daniel Pinchbeck’s ‘2010 The Return Of Quetzalcoatl’ and Jose Arguelles’ ‘Time And The Technosphere’). Their musical picks are no less brilliant and esoteric…


Simon: “The main thing that I was listening to, that didn’t necessarily have a specific influence on the album, maybe subliminally, was Acid Mothers Temple, a Japanese band, and the specific record called ‘In C’. It’s a cover of a Terry Riley song and it’s a kind of really, really epic, emotional record that’s quite monotone that doesn’t specifically move through a lot of chords, hence the name. It just has a really engaging presence to it.”


“I also started listening to loads of stuff that I listened to when I started playing the guitar, and for some reason I really got into old stuff like Black Cat 13. They were a band that Death From Above were in, before they were in Death From Above.”

”I also listened to another band called JR Ewing, which I saw support The Mars Volta on their first ever UK show (it was a kind of weird Ross Robinson connection) and a lot of black metal and Jasper – quite an odd collection of things actually.

James: “This album wasn’t about taking inspiration from other bands or the music, really. It was just about us playing and getting inspiration from each other. We listened to a lot of British psych bands from the 60’s and 70’s like Caravan and Robert Wyatt – that whole Canterbury scene. Then there was the Japanese psych band Harumi.”

Listen to Harumi at Last FM

[NB: Check out Caravan’s second and third albums, the excellently-titled ‘If I Could Do It All Over Again, I’d Do It All Over You’ and ‘In The Land Of Grey And Pink’ as a good starting point – Prog Ed]

Jamie: “One band we were listening to throughout the record – although I don’t think they exist on the net – are an eighties hardcore band called Conchord Power. We would literally play their song like two or three times a day, when we where driving about getting dinner or whatever.

Er, thanks Jamie. Good luck finding that one people…

Klaxons talk shamen, studio meltdowns and a lizard who showed them God in this week’s comeback cover interview:

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