Klaxons, ‘Surfing The Void’ – What Do You Think?

So, the new Klaxons album then. After a three year wait, it’s out today (23 August). Was it worth the wait?

Jamie Fullerton certainly thinks so. In his 8/10 review, he says ‘Surfing The Void’ “sounds like the work of four individuals who have transcended the genre-meld they spearheaded when new-rave broke in 2007 and become a great British band.”

Do you agree? You can hear the album after the jump.

Meanwhile, here’s recent single ‘Echoes’.

And here’s the band talking about the process of recording ‘Surfing The Void’.

Just in case you needed reminding, here’s ‘Surfing The Void”s majestic artwork:

Klaxons – their career in pictures

Klaxons – the records that inspired ‘Surfing The Void’

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