‘Wooliam, It Was Really Nothing’: Check Out These Ace Knitted Dolls Of Morrissey

If your nan agreed to knit dolls of your favourite indie heartthrobs, you’d probably be more inclined to knock round for a sub-par Sunday lunch more often.

Master-knitter and all-round craft queen Kate from Eaten By Weasels isn’t your nan – but you might wish she was when you see the bespoke Morrissey dolls she knits and sells on the web. Here’s one to get you started…

Handsome. And it gets better, too: Kate doesn’t just flog them for profit, she has often sold the knitted figures and donated all the proceeds to charity. Nice stuff.

The dolls are rare though, and as you can see from her website they can range up to and beyond £100 on an irregular schedule – so you’ve got to be quick when they pop up.

Want to lake a look at some of the brilliant little figures? Of course you do…

‘Wooliam, It Was Really Nothing’

‘The Doll With A Pin In His Side’

‘Bigmouth Stitches Again’

‘This Knitting Has Opened My Eyes’

‘How Sewing Is Now?’

This Crotched Man’

‘The Last Of The Famous International Playtoys’