Kong – Will Probably Make You Feel A Bit Sick

I have a love for art that’s challenging to the senses, whether it’s a gory horror film or a band that insists I shower after hearing them. Or in the case of Manchester’s Kong, both. Please witness this statement via their awesome video for ‘Leather Penny’ (released December ’08):

If watching that just gave you epilepsy, err, sorry. Blame the creatives at Roach Productions. If it didn’t, you may have noted what a brilliant disturbance they are audibly. Thundering bastard bass that teases every inch of fear out from your intestinal tract and some freaky vocals sitting nastily in the back seat.

Kong were birthed from two Oceansizers and is completed by the filthiest mouth this side of a porn set’s rubbish bin. Known only by the names Magpie, Krem and Lulu, the trio of madmen wear masks and utter the crudest of obscenities, making their live shows the last place on earth you would ever want to bring your child. Brilliant.

Photo: Jade Dannielle Martin

If you like Shellac and Fugazi, consider Kong the toxic shock syndrome version; they will more than likely please your ears but definitely give you a side of nausea. How do I know? Cos I’ve got a copy of their hideously good debut album ‘Snake Magnet’ playing right now. Check it out upon its release on July 13th or I’ll send a scary baboon round your gaff to set your eyelids on fire. Just messing. I’ll send Kong.

So, to wrap up today’s lesson in all things gross and northern, here are three fun facts about one of Manchester’s scariest exports:

1. Even though the word ‘indie’ probably doesn’t exist in their world of plastic mask hell, Kong are actually on two mighty fine indie labels: Brew Records in Leeds and The Bronx’s White Drugs label in LA. Cups of tea and narcotics, how I love thee.

2. You can hear their first ever single ‘Blood Of A Dove’ on their MySpace now.

3.Kong support Japanese mind benders Melt Banana at Satan’s Hollow in Manchester on May 13th. There is no better way to spend an evening pre-Breeders ATP. Fact.

Now go have fun playing with your new friends Kong, just remember to wash your hands afterwards please.