Kotchy – One For The Money – Free MP3

Reviewing the new Peaches album today I heard possibly the best lyric of the year: “Peach I’ll reach around / wrestle you to the ground / I’ll take you to regina / big trouble in Little Mangina”.

What does it mean? No idea, but it comes courtesy of Yo Majesty’s Shunda K, someone who’s done a lot of collaborating recently, in particular with one Chad Curlow AKA Kotchy (nice link – and yes, I did give the track away at the time).


Anyway, with his debut album out on Civil Music on April 20th I thought it was time to flag him up once again. He’s had bucketloads of comparisons to the likes of Pharrell, Timberlake and Beck, and the only thing entwining them or each other is probably their unlabelability.

As well as a love for electro-rap subversion Kotchy also likes fiddling about with some true legends, mashing up vocals from the likes of Joe Cocker and Barbara Streisand. The album’s hidden track ‘Bruce Fleetwood’ gives an idea of what I mean – it’s already on the blogs.

Download Kotchy‘s One For The Money here
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