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A while back I blogged about how Ed Banger have lost their mojo. Well now I can happily stand corrected and start flooding this blog with effusive praise for them once again, thanks to the ridiculously-named Krazy Baldhead who brings us his debut album ‘The B Suite’ on April 27th.

Krazy Baldhead


The electro fiend and former jazz man’s ‘Strings Of Death’ was the best thing on Ed Rec 2, then he went depressingly quiet for two years (save one more compilation appearance).

He’s obviously been beavering away at this masterpiece in some Parisian studio. And it’s some masterpiece. Divided into four “movements” each with several parts (already a good sign), ‘The B Suite’ is a meandering trip through the world of electro by turns syncopated, glitchy, jazz-ridden, rap-laden and straight-up funky.

It’s dance seen through the eyes of someone that’s done ten years at the music academy and pretty much hasn’t left my stereo this month. Office reactions have ranged from “like Prefuse 73 when he was good” to “complete Tim Chester music”. Praise doesn’t come any higher.

I asked for an album track but they were too precious, so this is a remix of ‘3rd Movement Part 3’ (aka ‘Sweet Night’) done by the man himself that thankfully doesn’t veer too far from the original.

Download Krazy Baldhead‘s Sweet Night here

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