Krept & Konan Conquer T In The Park’s Radio 1 Summer Of Dance Stage Despite Technical Problems

T in the Park is known for a great many things, but a hotbed of UK hip-hop is probably not one of them.

The festival’s gradual evolution over the last few years from a predominately indie-rock affair to something broader and more inclusive, however, means that Krept & Konan’s Friday afternoon set on the Radio 1 Summer Of Dance Stage is among the day’s most enthusiastically-received.

The South London duo rose to prominence with last year’s debut LP ‘The Long Road Home’, and while the guest stars who featured on it – including Ed Sheeran, Wiz Khalifa, Skepta and Rick Ross among them – are, to the surprise of absolutely no-one, not present today, the pair’s energy and enthusiasm prove more than enough to keep the T crowd onside.

The weather – which is uncharacteristically glorious – no doubt plays its part, but even when the sound fails during ‘Don’t Waste My Time’, the pair barely miss a beat. “Keep going, I’m getting you on the snapchat!” urges Casyo ‘Krept’ Johnson, while the crowd dutifully oblige with a chorus of “What is, what is, what is going on?”

In truth, though, the crowd were onside long before that technical hiccup – if you had to pinpoint the moment that Krept & Konan conquered this festival, it probably came when they managed to convince thousand people to crouch down on the ground and chant “Drugs, money, alcohol!” Call it a cliche, but a T in the Park crowd know what they like.