Kurt Cobain Sings Bon Jovi In ‘Guitar Hero 5’ – The Ultimate Indignity?

In the new edition of ‘Guitar Hero 5’ – just released in America – you can unlock the character of Kurt Cobain and make him sing all sorts of hideously undignified songs, including Bon Jovi’s ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’, and even a Bush track, which is deeply ironic given that Gavin Rossdale made millions impersonating Kurt.


Needless to say, Nirvana fans are up in arms: someone must have sanctioned this, and it’s Courtney Love who controls the rights to Cobain’s image.

Then again, must we be so po-faced about it? It’s only a computer game, it’s not like someone’s wiped their arse on the Turin Shroud or anything.

Besides, I can think of any number of dead rock stars who I’d love to control in video game format: imagine bringing Ian Curtis back from the dead and using him to flamethrower hoodlums in ‘Grand Theft Auto’? Elliott Smith in ‘Soul Calibur’? Elvis in ‘Street Fighter’? The possibilities are endless.