Kyla La Grange, ‘Ashes’ – Exclusive Album Stream

You might have heard Kyla La Grange’s new cover of The Maccabees’ ‘Love You Better’ (which will be a b-side to her next single ‘Walk Through Walls’, which is due out July 30th). That day will also mark the release of her debut album ‘Ashes’ – which you can stream in full after the jump.

Speaking about her forthcoming album, La Grange has said:

Writing songs was something I always did because I felt like it was the only way I could release all the noise and cluttered emotions inside my head. It was, and is, an escape.

She continued: “It’s not a chronological story or anything. It undulates!”.

‘Ashes’ will also feature previous singles ‘Heavy Stone’, ‘Been Better’ and ‘Vampire Smile’ (which you can watch the video for below):

So, give the album a listen below, and let us know what you think: