LA Duo Classixx Have Remade A Smiths Video Shot-By-Shot – With T-Pain As Morrissey

Music videos often homage films or TV shows, but it’s much rarer to see one pay tribute, at least explicitly, to an earlier music video. This is why the promo clip LA electro duo Classixx have created for their track ‘Whatever I Want’ is such unexpected treat. Made on a GoPro camera, it’s a shot-by-shot remake of The Smiths‘ classic 1987 video for ‘Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before’, with sun-dappled east Los Angeles standing in for the original’s slightly less summery location: Salford. Oh, and T-Pain, who provides the track’s vocals, gets to play Morrissey. The king of Auto-Tune channelling Mozza? Not quite as unlikely as it seems, according to the video’s director Daniel Pappas, who told The Fader: “The video was inspired by the song’s attitude towards doing ‘whatever I want,’ T-Pain’s well chronicled struggle with depression, the shared sadness of Smiths fans, and how, through all of the depression and sadness, when you look like Morrissey in whatever way you can, everything is going to be okay.” Check out the affectionate and strangely soothing remake below – then scroll down to compare it to The Smiths’ original. And we’ll let you know if Moz himself shares his thoughts on the homage.