La Roux Remix War Of Words – Free MP3

Two gals named Abi and Lucy are in a band called War Of Words. They recently befriended La Roux’s Ben Langmaid, who ended up producing their debut album.

“He used to be a DJ in the 90s so he knew a lot about that era” Abi says of him. “It’s got that modern twist to it too. We brought our own style and the vocals are pure R&B.”

Well, now War Of Words are gearing up to release two debut singles, both out on December 4th via Popjustice Hi-Fi. And to accompany these tracks, they’ve recruited both Ben and Elly Jackson of La Roux to produce some remixes. You can hear Elly’s ‘Battleground’ re-work in December, but we’ve got an early exclusive listen to Ben’s version of ‘Panic’.

Without further ado, here is Ben Langmaid’s ‘Ben’s (Panic Street Beaters) Mix’:

According to Lucy, ‘Panic’ was inspired by the beginning of a new relationship. She said:

We both got boyfriends at the same time so ‘Panic’ is about when you meet someone for the first time and you get that panic, but it’s beautiful.

So what do you think of Ben’s War Of Words remix? We can definitely hear a bit of La Roux sound in there.