L.A. Woman Hangs with the XX, Drums, VV Brown at SXSW

I’ve recently returned from the Texan band/beer/BBQ binge known as South By Southwest, with an earful of tinnitus, liver-ful of Shiner Bock, and a camera-ful of interviews with some of the musicfest’s most awesome acts. And I sure got around. From chatting with the Drums in the backseat of a car to the Temper Trap in a dank wine cellar to the xx in a sticker-plastered dressing room; from comparing manicures with Kid Sister to comparing fashion accessories with VV Brown and Sharon Jones; from discussing Ke$ha‘s alleged plagiarism with Uffie to discussing Justin Hawkins/Meat Loaf collaborations with Foxy Shazam…it was a very productive trip. We all did our best to keep Austin weird.

While I detox until SXSW 2011, check out my Austin interviews below.