NME presents Justin Bieber’s One-Man Band

Biebs, he’s a talented guy isn’t he? He can sing. He can move his feet. Long-term Beliebers will be familiar with his lifelong passion for playing the drums but piano? That’s new. And guitar? Is there nothing this boy can’t boss?

In a series of recent Instagram posts JB has been showing off his ability to play a plethora of instruments which got us to thinking, what would a Justin Bieber One-Man Band sound like?

Here’s exactly what:

We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it. Here, Justin can be seen tinkling the ivories to the tune of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ and Rihanna’s ‘Work’ and judging by the look on his face, it’s requiring a lot of concentration. No but seriously, we’re impressed. We can just about remember how to play the EastEnders theme tune on the piano which doesn’t go down nearly so well at a party.

Here’s hoping Justin is inspired by our demonstration of his many talents and the ‘Justin Bieber One-Man Band’ is taken out on the road, as a thing.

For now, we can recommend a test run on the streets of Rijeka, Croatia. It’s working out pretty well for this guy: