Ladies’ Night With Glasvegas

Glasvegas made the Los Angeles rounds this week – which included a packed instore gig at L.A.’s best record shop, Amoeba…

…plus a live appearance on KCRW’s ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ (hear the podcast here); and a stop by my office, Yahoo! Music (my interview is coming soon, and I’m happy to report that I understood about 80 percent of what they said, despite their near-impenetrable Glaswegian accents).

But Glasvegas’s L.A. whirlwind began Wednesday night at the Troubadour, where they played their first Los Angeles show (and pretty much the first megahyped L.A. show, in general, of 2009). The venue was packed solid, and the band’s set was solid as well:

I thought the gig was amazing, but you know, then again….I don’t have a Y chromosome. This column is called L.A. Woman, after all.

My point? An informal (but in my opinion still accurate) poll of the Troubadour crowd post-show indicated that all the women thought Glasvegas were fantastic, while the male audience members were not quite as impressed, tossing off dismissive, grumpy oneliners like “not enough oomph” and “not worth all the hype” when queried.

So what was it about Glasvegas that had me and my fellow L.A. Women swooning? Was it rock-chick role model Caroline McKay’s undeniable awesomeness? The fact that Glasvegas’s nostalgically dreamy goth-pop brought to mind sweet memories of prom scenes in ’80s John Hughes chick flicks?

The sensitive lyrics of ‘Daddy’s Gone’? The band’s lovely, heartstring-plucking cover of the The Ronettes’ ‘Be My Baby’ (see third Troubadour clip above)?

Well, definitely maybe. But it might have had to do with opening act Carl Barat, who’s always a hit with the ladies. (He was number 11 on ‘Elle’ magazine’s Top 50 Hottest Rock Boys list, after all, and there are probably some female fans who think that list needs to be retallied. Only #11???)

When this dirty pretty thing opened the show and was then joined by Glasvegas’s James Allan onstage, it was definitely a moment that the women in the house (like Lisa-Marie Presley) probably appreciated more than the men:

Maybe the dudes in attendance (which, by the way, included Rick Rubin, Tim Burgess, Bauhaus‘s David J) were just jealous.