Lady Gaga And Mark Ronson Just Did A Secret Set In Hackney And Here’s What Went Down

Tonight (September 9), pop superstar Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance with Mark Ronson at Hackney’s Moth Club, one of the best small venues (and certainly the sparkliest thanks to its glittery gold ceiling) in London. As you’d expect from such an exciting prospect, it wasn’t your average night of live music. Here’s how the night panned out.

Rumours began to circulate in the early evening

It was just a normal Friday, nothing particularly remarkable about it, until early evening came around. Then, as workers were heading home or to the pub to start their weekends, things began appearing online. “What sort of illusion is happening at the @Moth_Club tonight?” asked promoters Eat Your Own Ears cryptically. “Who knows about Gaga apparently being at Moth Club tonight?” wrote a fan. Slowly, more details began to spread – Lady Gaga. Mark Ronson. Moth Club. Midnight.

New band Sweat quickly became overshadowed


Imagine you’re playing a nice headline gig at a good venue and everyone’s excited to see you play. Then one of the world’s biggest stars decides to steal your thunder, push your set forward and show up to play a couple of songs herself. That’s precisely what happened to buzzy new band Sweat tonight. Poor Sweat.

Mark Ronson DJed for what felt like eternity

According to the rumour, Ronson was meant to be DJing for a bit and then, at midnight, Gaga would make her way on stage and play a couple of songs with him. In reality, she didn’t appear until nearly 1:30am so the producer took charge behind the desks for around two hours. That’d be fine in most circumstances, but when you’re waiting for Gaga, crushed up against 200 fans in a tiny sweatbox, it’s not exactly what you’re after (that being Gaga, of course). Still, kudos to him for playing Tame Impala‘s ‘The Moment’, Missy Elliott‘s ‘Work It’ and about half the songs on his CV.

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Things almost got aggressive as the wait continued

Somewhere around Ronson dropping ‘Uptown Funk’ for the first time, things down the front felt like they were about to go sour. The repeated “too hot/Hot damn” refrain felt like a taunt and a full on fight very nearly broke out. The way to solve things before it got out of hand? Drop Britney Spears‘ ‘Toxic’ and make everyone forget their frustrations for three minutes, of course.

Gaga finally came on, but only did two songs

Unless you count dancing to her own tunes (and ‘Uptown Funk’). The main reason for Gaga’s special appearance tonight was, obviously, to celebrate the release of her new single ‘Perfect Illusion’. So when she finally made it on stage, it made perfect sense that that would be one of the two tracks she played. Whatever your feelings about the song on record, it really lends itself to a euphoric live experience – everyone in Moth Club was jumping and singing along as Gaga did the same (often making very intense eye contact at the same time) on stage. Afterwards, she settled down at a keyboard and played a slowed down version of ‘Bad Romance’, before skipping into the DJ booth. There, Ronson played the recorded version of ‘Perfect Illusion’, before putting on ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Uptown Funk’ again. Funnily, people were a lot more receptive to the latter on the six billionth time of hearing it since its release once Gaga’s presence had been felt.

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