Lady Gaga, ‘Born This Way’ – Review

Lady Gaga’s new single ‘Born This Way’ is released today. You can listen to it now on Perez Hilton. Here’s Popjustice man Peter Robinson’s verdict

When Lady Gaga recorded ‘Bad Romance’ she simply had a couple of Number Ones in need of a follow-up. Two years later she’d marked her territory as the most important pop star of a generation and the pressure was on. Her response, to be performed in public for the first time this weekend at the Grammys, is ‘Born This Way’: a bold, instantly iconic event song, but also the sound of Lady Gaga going back to basics.

This is no ‘Bad Romance Part II’ – it’s brand new ground for Gaga, with soaring vocals, rock solid melodies and an addictive, subtle momentum. Less subtle is the song’s message. ‘Born This Way’ specifically references race and sexuality. Here’s a fearless equality anthem that makes someone like Katy Perry, firing cream out of her tits and banging on about fireworks, seem a little disingenuous.

In keeping with this spirit of directness, ‘Born This Way’ is proud to showcase its history. It takes its title from Carl Bean’s legendary ’70s disco anthem, for example, while the production is not without its nods to Madonna in her late-’80s Imperial phase.

Pop rarely hits the mark when it sets its trajectory to ‘significant’, but ‘Born This Way’ is a landmark Gaga release – and there are even dizzier highs to come on the album…

‘Born This Way’ is the first song taken from Lady Gaga’s new album, also named ‘Born This Way’, due for release on May 23

Listen to ‘Born This Way’ on Soundcloud

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