The Lady Gaga cocktail menu

Lady Gaga's dad has got a restaurant in New York.

Head to Joanne Trattoria on West 68TH Street, NYC, and you could be served a Sexxx Dreams Sangria cocktail by an A-list superfreak in a dress made entirely of glacé cherries. For this is the Germanotta family restaurant, and daughter Lady Gaga often works the bar when she’s in town. According to dad Joe’s new recipe book Joanne Trattoria Cookbook, these are her signature mixes…

The Monster

Expect a bad romance with half a shaker of mandarin vodka, two ounces of pineapple juice and a splash of granadine, garnished with an orange slice and maraschino cherry. Just watch out that the in-house ghost doesn’t tip it down you. “I call him Gulpy,” says bar manager Ana Coste. “Maybe 40 years ago, when it was liquor store, a Dominican kid tried to rob the place. The manager shot and killed him. The front door will open and shut, glasses will go flying off the wall, doors will lock from the inside… Stefani [Gaga] came in with her assistant, something went whoosh and pushed her assistant into the table. I said: ‘That is not nice, Gulpy. These are good people.’”

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Little Monster Mocktail

One for Gaga’s underage fans, mixing orange, pineapple and apple juice with ice, with two splashes of grenadine and an orange slice to garnish. Adults can add vodka or prosecco for a kick, and you might need it to deal with weeping Little Monsters making pilgrimages to Joanne.


“A lot of fans drop off gifts for Stefani,” says Joe. “One fan did a portrait of her made entirely out of beads. Chef Art’s husband, Jesus Salgueiro, has done a series of Gaga-inspired, hand-painted dinner plates. Each one depicts one of her looks.” “This place is like a Mecca for Gaga fans,” adds waiter Alex Dolan. “People will tell us their life stories – they’ll cry because she’s changed their lives.”

The Cynthia

Named after Gaga’s mum, The Cynthia consists of half a shaker of Gordon’s Gin, a splash of St Germain and two ounces of grapefruit juice shaken and served in a chilled martini glass. That’s if, unlike Gaga, you can keep it off the floor. “Whenever she comes in it’s always slammed because word gets out that Lady Gaga is mixing drinks,” says bar manager Ana Coste. “She sure is messy, but she’s actually a pretty good bartender.”

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Nut Cappuccino

For this boozy caffeine jolt, Gaga will pour in a shot of espresso, add Frangelico, Nocello and Amaretto, and top it off with steamed milk and foam. But please don’t tip your waitress. “Typically, if you have a busy night you’ll have a bartender and a bar-back to assist,” says bartender Patrick Taylor. “He or she will get a portion of the tips – it’s called tipping out. So Gaga’s making drinks and the bartender, Josh, joked: ‘I’ll tip you out,’ and she said: ‘No, no. Don’t tip me out.’ She was worried he was really going to give her a portion of his tips.”

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It’s all gravy

Gaga’s dad Joe Germanotta on how Sunday gravy is the secret to family culinary harmony

“Where I come from, Italian-Americans use the word ‘gravy’ to refer to that big pot of sauce that simmers for hours on the stove every Sunday. To us, Sunday gravy is more than a meal – it’s a way of life. The long simmering ensures families spend time together. When preparing the menu at Joanne, I wanted that spirit of family, food and love at the heart of every dish, so returned to childhood memories of Sunday gravy and my mother’s recipes for inspiration.”