Lady Gaga – Freak Or Fraud?

Lady Gaga graces the cover of NME this week, a choice that has generated some impassioned debate on NME.COM and on Facebook. Here, two writers argue the case for and against Gaga…

lady gaga

Love her or hate her, the Lady’s a champ, writes Sam Wolfson

I’ve never understood how the same NME staffers who whinge that rock’n’roll hasn’t got any new ‘characters’ are the same ones who’d rather see cock-rockers re-hash Liam Gallagher’s 15-year-old shtick than a woman emerging from a giant foetus shooting fire from her bosom.

Gaga understands what made Jagger, Bowie and Madonna shine brighter than the money-grabbing music industry that spawned them. In a world where fans expect stars to reply to every tweet, Gaga has preserved her mystique. No shots of her falling out the club – just honest communication with her monsters, and a million photos of her in a meat dress.


Lady Gaga – 50 incredibly geeky facts

Gaga rejects media training and just lets loose. She took The Times’ Caitlin Moran to a Berlin sex club and continued the interview while she weed through her tights. She’s an activist for gay rights, she talks about MDMA, cocaine and her sexuality – but she never flogs her personal life just to sell records.

Gaga is inspired by Quentin Tarantino and Francis Bacon, trying to emulate their impact in her medium: pop. No-one can stop her from being a star.


She’s a Monster, reckons Luke Lewis

It’s kind of fitting that she’s named after a noise babies make – because there’s something about Lady Gaga that turns otherwise intelligent adults into gurgling infants. “Look!’ they drool. “She’s wearing a dress made of kermit heads! No wait, now she’s a naughty nun! Ohmigodohmigod: A BIKINI MADE OF SPAM!”

Jesus. Give it a rest. Who gives a shit what she’s wearing? It’s pop music, not a fancy dress party. But that’s the thing with Lady Gaga – she’s not really a pop star, she’s a fashion icon, with all the vanity, phoniness and hollow display that entails.


And boy does she crave acceptance by the fashion world. After bagging a magazine cover recently she Tweeted: “I’m a real live VOGUE BEAUTY QUEEN!”, displaying the hysterical self-regard of a victorious Big Brother contestant. Yeah, because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Wearing a £20k Haider Ackermann dress on the cover of Vogue.

Then of course there’s her retinue of sycophants – sorry, “creative team” – the Haus Of Gaga. Haus! Isn’t that just the most pretentious thing in the world? Plus, Gaga is an appalling big-head, the kind of person who actually tells interviewers: “I’m smart.”

None of which would matter if her music moved you in any way. She’s forever being compared with Bowie and Madonna – which is absurd. Whereas those artists have written songs that make the soul sing, Gaga’s assembly-line robo-pop is spiritless, dead behind the eyes, and there’s not a shred of humanity or soul in a single note of it.

Apart from that, I’m a massive fan.

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