Lady Gaga, Ryan Adams, Dirty Projectors, Die Antwoord – 10 Best Free MP3 Downloads This Week

Here’s a round-up of the ten best free downloads you can find elsewhere on the internet this week.

Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé —‘Telephone (Alphabeat Remix)’
By now, everyone’s seen Lady Gaga’s latest product placement-ridden music video for ‘Telephone’, but there are also some brilliant remixes of the song floating around the Web. Danish pop band Alphabeat, who also opened for Gaga at her February O2 Arena show, worked their magic on the already-astounding song.


Lady Gaga

Miniature Tigers—‘Cannibal Queen’
Yet another poppy indie-rock tune about love…only this one cheerfully equates the emotion to cannibalism. “Coming for your heart like a cannibal”. Romantic. This might also be one of the most bizarre music videos we’ve ever seen.


Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti—‘Round and Round’
So retro sounding, it’s like a blast from the past to the days of disco. However, the single’s cover artwork isn’t as much comforting as it is downright disturbing.


Die Antwoord —‘Fish Paste’
We recently ran a piece questioning the legitimacy of the South African phenomenon that is Die Antwoord, but the band’s recent deal with Interscope shows they might be more serious about music than we had thought. Here’s their latest release; and in case you were wondering, “Jou Ma se Poes in ‘n Fishpaste Jar” apparently means “Your Mother’s C*** in a Fishpaste Jar. At least the song’s catchy.

Standard Fare —‘Dancing’
A trio from Sheffield, Standard Fare’s debut album ‘The Noyelle Beat’ comes out the 29th of March. There just aren’t enough quality female-fronted bands out, so we’re pleased to have come across this jolly song.

Dirty Projectors —‘Dark Eyes (Bob Dylan Cover)’
The Dirty Projectors gave this Bob Dylan classic a go on an Australian radio show, successfully capturing the beautiful simplicity of the original, even down to the signature shaky Dylan vocals.

Dirty Projectors


The Tins—‘The Green Room’
This song off the band’s upcoming debut EP kicks off with a modern-day Twilight Zone vibe that morphs into an extraordinarily moving seven-minute-long serenade. Hopefully this is a good indication of what the rest of the EP will have to offer.

Ryan Adams—‘Electrosnake’
The once alt-country singer has recently announced his next album ‘Orion’ will be his “most legit METAL record”, and this song posted on his website is definitely a shift from his usual material. Take a peak at Ryan’s darker side with ‘Electrosnake’.

Ryan Adams


Dawes—‘When My Time Comes’
A hearty ballad from these California-based newcomers, there’s nothing flashy or superficial: just a pure, soulful sing-along. You can also head over to their MySpace for a free download of ‘Love Is All I Am’.

Fenech-Soler —‘Stop And Stare (Reset Remix)’
The original version of ‘Stop And Stare’ is great, but the Reset Remix gives it a bouncier kick to bring out the ravers in even the most timid of music fans. Worth also checking out the recently released video for the original version, if you have a thing for guys in sequins.