Lady Gaga, ‘You And I’ – Video

There’s been a lot of flam about Lady Gaga‘s new video for ‘You And I’ (that’s you with an umlaut, for some irritating reason) being “leaked” ahead of its promised official release on Thursday.

However, since the site it “leaked” on was Perez Hilton – one of the world’s biggest gossip sites – you can be sure it was seeded there by Gaga’s label deliberately, in order to get bloggers panting with excitement.

It’s academic anyway, since Gaga just Tweeted a link to it anyway.

‘You And I’ is the fourth single to be taken from ‘Born This Way’. It’s the country-tinged one that sounds a bit like Shania sodding Twain.

And here’s the video. Is it as monstrously overblown as ‘Telephone’? Is it as overweeningly naff as ‘Edge Of Glory’? Only one way to find out…