Lady Gaga’s ‘Edge Of Glory’ Is A Great Pop Moment – Track Review

Last night Lady Gaga released ‘Edge Of Glory’ the third track (it’s NOT a single) from ‘Born This Way’.

Fans rushed in to comment, saying it was ‘finally a good song’ from the album following the double disappointments of ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Judas’.

And is it? We weighed up the pros and cons.

Lady Gaga Edge Of Glory

Good things about ‘Edge Of Glory’:

1) It feels like a pop moment without her trying too hard. ‘Effortlessness’ is a word that seems to have been absent during this album campaign. As we’ve seen, Gaga’s strengths do not lie in addressing Big Topics, teetering on the knife edge of Madonna – making grab-bag religious references with all the depth of a shallow pool. ‘Edge Of Glory’ is simple. And it is, quite simply a Great Pop Moment.

2) Unlike ‘Born This Way’ or ‘Judas’, Gaga’s persona doesn’t overwhelm this track. There are not quotation marks or post-modern, pop culture winks. In the song she’s just a normal person caught in a (sorry) bad romance (sorry) with her beau.

3) You don’t feel duped by the pre-release hype after listening to it.

4) Gaga’s singing in her real voice, not that weirdly affected Mockney via Yonkers tone she’d acquired for the verses of ‘Judas’.

5) She doesn’t say the word ‘Gaga’ in the song at all.

6) …Or try to rhyme ‘Gaga’ with ‘Mama’, ‘Ju-duh’, ‘Lala’, ‘wonder-bra’ or ‘Condoleezza (Rice)’.

7) Clarence Clemons’ saxophone solo. It’s a subtle addition which does bring to mind Springsteen at his poppiest, mid-80s self.

Bad things about ‘Edge Of Glory’

1) It wasn’t the first single from ‘Born This Way’.
2) Um…
3) That’s it really.

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