Lady GaGa’s Fame Ball Comes To L.A.

Lady GaGa‘s Fame Ball took over L.A.’s Wiltern last night, and while the leotarded diva made quite the impression in a series of ante-upping Bob Mackie-on-crack (Bob Crackie??) theatrical costumes – more on her fierce, fearsome fashions in a moment – her beautiful dirty rich audience put on a show as absolutely fabulous as the one onstage.

Along with famous fans like tween-popsters the Clique Girlz, Lil’ Jon, and Kanye West (the latter of whom I hid from in a panic because of THIS BLOG I’d written only the day before, eek!), there was A.F.I.‘s Davey Havok, virtually unrecognizable in his neon sherbet-pink suit (a real break from his usual basic black):


And yet even those celebrity spectators were easily upstaged by all the club kids in the house, all decked out in fun fur, hair flare, warpaint, Mardi Gras masks, and Lycra leotards (of course). Here are some pics of the most fashionable poker faces of the night:


I even got in on the act, gussying myself up in showgirl sequins for the Fame Ball (here I am just-dancing with a slightly more casually dressed fellow redhead, D.A. Wallach of the evening’s opening band Chester French):

I’m just glad there were so many day-glo GaGa groupies at the Wiltern to detract attention away from my own glittery getup, so that I luckily escaped from Kanye unnoticed and unscathed.

Anyway, in the end it was still Lady GaGa herself who rocked the runway best, adlibbing shoutouts to Stephen Sprouse and Louis Vuitton mid-song and announcing her many costume switchups with saucy statements like “I’m going to go backstage…and take off my clothes!” The Lady truly is a vamp. Below are some of her finest fashion moments from the Wiltern last night…

Opening the show dressed up as some sort of angular agate shard/ice sculpture/Picasso painting/shattered mirror ball/construction site rubble heap/I’m-not quite-sure-but-it-was-awesome-nonetheless:

Impersonating a rare and highly evolved breed of motorcycle-straddling zebra:

Playing a piano custom-made to match her PVC soap-bubble dress (Elton John himself would be proud):

Rocking some pointy linebacker shoulderpads too OTT for even Crystal Carrington:

And finally, donning a flesh-toned bodystocking to accept a platinum plaque from fellow diva Perez Hilton:

And in the end, a ball was truly had by all.