Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ Video – How Many Products Can You Spot?

The video for Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s new track ‘Telephone’ is full of girl-on-girl action, murder, and … product placement. And just as Gaga kills again in the video, it seems that she is a repeat offender with slipping brands into her videos too.

We counted nine separate products – no wonder the video’s so long, it had to be to cram in all those plugs. We’ve listed them all below. Have we missed any?

1:34: Heartbeats earphones.
2:06: Virgin Mobile.
2:17: Diet Coke.
4:15: Virgin Mobile (again).
4:24: HP Envy ‘Beats Limited Editon’ laptop from Monster.
4:28: Plenty Of Fish dating site.
4:44: Chevrolet.
5:37: Polaroid.
6:24: Wonderbread.
6:36: Miracle Whip.
8:31: Polaroid (again).


But it’s not the first time Gaga has sold ad space in her videos. In ‘Bad Romance’ we found eight separate examples of product placement.

0:12: Parrot by Philippe Starck.
0:18: Ukrainian vodka Nemiroff.
0:39: Heartbeats earphones.
1:59: Burberry trench coat.
2:44: Nintendo Wii.
2:45: HP Envy ‘Beats Limited Edition’ laptop from Monster.
3:28: Alexander McQueen outfit.
3:47: White Safari Carerra sunglasses .

Meanwhile, we gave up counting how many times Campari appeared in the video for ‘Love Game’. It also includes lingering close-ups on Chanel shoes and a Baby-G watch.

Can’t wait for the next video. Which luxury brands will she try and flog us then, we wonder?