Lana Del Rey fans are theorising that her four albums’ artworks tell a story

Yesterday Lana Del Rey revealed the cover of her fourth album, ‘Lust For Life’, in which she stands in front of a truck, smiling, with flowers in her hair. Look at it: it’s really cheering.

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It looks just like a happy snap at first glance – but fans have been analysing it, comparing it to her past four albums, and they’ve noticed that each one tells a part of the same story.


Compare ‘Born to Die’ and ‘Lust for Life’. The titles of both are three one-syllable words that have meanings at extreme ends of a spectrum. And fitting these titles, in the first album artwork Lana looks resigned – while in the last she’s very merry indeed. The series of album titles also works kind of like a palindrome – the titles have 3-1-1-3 words: ‘Born to Die’ – ‘Ultraviolence’ – ‘Honeymoon’ – ‘Lust for Life’. Cars, too, are a key theme in the four-part series – and the first and last images seem to show Lana standing outside the same grey-blue truck:

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Redditor thewb39 writes: “The progression is real. Lana went from stone cold stares to all smiles, beaming with life. Like if she was being brought back to life through the album covers & titles.” Another commenter, ghostingaround, added: “It’s like everything comes back in full circle, but she’s at a happier place now. I kinda get a feeling [that] this new album marks a new era for her like [‘Born To Die’] did.” Basically, with the link of the blue car, you might see ‘Born To Die’ and ‘Lust For Life’ as polar opposites – one tragic, one joyful.

There’s more, though. The new font on the ‘Lust for Life’ artwork means it could have something to do with her Video Games single, on which she had the same serif LDR logo


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What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


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