Lana Del Rey – Going Overground?

Perhaps the biggest revelation from Lana Del Rey‘s visit to the UK this past week is that her favourite meal is spag bol. With mashed potato. And fries.

Is that weird? Each to their own I guess. I discovered this amazing, world-shaking fact last night when she played a set at London’s uber-plush Corinthia Hotel and chatted to us a bit afterwards.

Johnny Depp’s been staying there recently, so it’s a little nicer than a Travelodge. And it also serves as a home to Lana whenever she’s in the smoke – hence why she played the show. I say ‘show’ rather than gig, because the set up was completely minimal. Just Lana, a pianist and a guy on guitar.

And I thought it worked pretty well for her. One thing people seem to always mention about Del Rey is that she seems nervous and fidgety onstage, but up close last night she oozed self-belief. For one, she looked the audience right in the eyes for the entire gig. I totally wish more bands had the willpower to do that, rather than stand there with their eyes closed the whole time.

Anyroad, these shows she’s played in the past month (she’s also played normal venues across the UK) effectively signal her going overground, finally giving everyone a chance to see if there’s anything worth getting excited about other than ‘Video Games’ and ‘Blue Jeans’.

So, let’s take a look at the material that’s likely to make up her debut album, scheduled for release in January.

First up, the new single – ‘Born To Die’, which features the now immortal line “let me fuck you hard in the pouring rain”.

This next one, ‘Radio’, got a great reaction last night:

And finally, ‘China Doll’, which is pretty much a paean to the paparazzi:

Whaddya think then? Any cop or not?